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Eternal rest?

Once your tomb doors are firmly closed and sealed, you may think you are ready for eternal rest. No such luck! Even before the mourners at your funeral have had time to go home, unwanted visitors are on their way – tomb robbers have started tunneling towards you.

The tomb goods shown below are prized by the robbers, and can make them very rich. But they are risking their lives — the penalty for tomb robbing is torture and then slow death by impalement.

Linen is very valuable because of the time it can take to weave even the smallest amount.

Gold Jewellery. The jewels can be prised out and the gold melted down and re-used.

Glass is scarce in ancient Egypt. Since it can be melted down and made into new objects, stolen glass cannot be traced.

Frankincense and Myrrh are highly prized because of their fragrance and their use in the art of mummification.