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Your fate awaits

It is the 1st century AD and you live in a village in the Roman province of Gallia, which covers a large area of northern Europe. You don’t like the Romans much, and they don’t like you or your people. The fact is the Romans invaded your territory more than 100 years ago, as they have done in many places, to build up the huge Roman Empire. They plan on ruling over you for a long time to come and say your people are uncivilised. They call you ‘barbarians’, meaning that you are different to them. The Romans believe they are much better than you.

From time to time some of your people pick a fight with the Romans. But you’re no match against the Roman army. If you’re not killed in battle, then don’t expect to be shown any mercy, you’ll be taken prisoner and marched off to the city of Rome. If you survive the long journey you face an uncertain future. Will you be sold as a slave to a rich Roman citizen or will you be sent to work in the mines? Will you end up doing hard labour in the quarries or will you sail around the Roman Empire as a galley slave?