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Will you live or die?

The crowd are on their feet, shouting “Habet, hoc habet!”, which means “Got him! Let him have it!”. There’s only one thing you can do. As you raise your left hand to appeal to the emperor he will turn to the crowd and let them decide your fate. All you can hope for is that they call out “Mitte!”– “Let him go!”.

A fallen gladiator can appeal to the emperor by raising one finger on his left hand. The emperor will ask the crowd what they want.

THUMBS UP If the crowd hold their thumbs up and wave their handkerchiefs, the fallen gladiator will be allowed to live.

THUMBS DOWN If the crowd turn their thumbs to the ground, as if swiping a sword through the air, then the defeated man must die.

A DRAW If both gladiators are still on their feet and have fought their best, then a draw may be declared and neither man will die.