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Fight! Gladiators in action

The games are about to begin. Your moment of glory is upon you – you hope. But first, you must entertain the crowd.

WARM-UP FIGHT First you’ll fight with wooden swords in a practice duel.

GAMBLING Spectators will gamble on whether you will win your fight… or not.

OPPONENT You will be drawn to fight against another gladiator.

Advice from the bench

Your trainer will encourage you, shouting words of advice — and threats. His reputation will be damaged if you don’t put up a good fight.

REAL WEAPON You will be given your real weapon – no more wooden swords from now on.

MUSIC Musicians will play war-trumpets, pipes and flutes.

ACTION! The contest begins – it’s a fight to the death.

NOISY CROWD The crowd will cheer and shout all the time you are fighting.